Let’s say you get a lot of floor traffic or you have a kid that jabs Hot Wheels into the ground. Maybe you have a dog that runs in circles, and you want a strong wood floor. You’ll probably look for a high Janka scale rating — a measure of hardness — to find something that will hold up against denting and wear. You might even consider this strand woven floor from Cali Bamboo that the company says received a 5,000+ pound score in recent tests.

Janka testing measures the force required to stick a steel ball into wood to the ball’s halfway point. For example, it takes roughly 100 pounds of force with a weaker wood like balsa and about 3,600 pounds of force with a harder wood like ipe.

Professional Service Industries, Inc, tested HD Fossilized Bamboo Flooring at more than 5,000 pounds of force, according to a release by Cali Bamboo. Cali Bamboo, which also makes Lumboo Bamboo, says its strand woven flooring is a good choice when “indestructible floor is desired.”

For those chasing certification, this product may contribute to LEED credits in a number of areas, including for using rapidly renewable materials, low emitting materials, certified wood, and regionally-sourced wood. Pricing starts at just under $4 per square foot.

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Credits: Cali Bamboo.


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