It is a shocking fact that more than 2.6 billion of people have no access to basic sanitation. This means that 40 out of 100 people lack even the simplest toilet to perform their basic bodily needs.

The lack of toilets and proper disposal of waste can often also be a lethal problem. One child in the world dies every 15 seconds due to contaminated water, most often resulting in severe diarrhoea, dysentery or cholera, though other diseases and parasites can also be found in contaminated water.

A group of scientists and designers (the Peepoople) have come up with an ingenious solution to the sewage waste problem - the Peepoo bag. The Peepoo is a portable, biodegradable personal toilet system for individuals who lack access to basic sanitation.

The slim bag measures 14 x 38 cm and is coated on the inside with a thin film of urea, a commonly used fertilizer. When the urea comes into contact with faeces or urine, an enzymatic breakdown takes place that helps breaks it down into ammonia and carbonate, with the reaction driven by enzymes that are naturally occurring in faeces, explains Peepoople.

The bag design allows a person to used it when they are either standing or squatting. The design also prevents contact with the bodily waste and is one of the few personal waste solutions that does not require water.

After all pathogens have been inactivated, two to four weeks after use, the treated faeces potentially represent a high value nitrogen fertilizer with a considerable market value, explains Peepoople.

The Peepoo bag is made of a degradable bioplastic (aromatic co-polyesters and polylactone acid) produced using 45% renewable materials.

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