This last chapter, we really started to get an idea of how biogeochemical cycles work and can “malfunction.” Here are a few interesting current events on the topic if you want to learn more:

Nitrogen Cycle: Whales Help Fertilize Ocean With Floating Dung
http://www. npr. org/templates/story/story. php? storyId=130437080

Phosphorus Cycle: Manure, Fertilizer Part Of Chesapeake’s Problem
http://www. npr. org/templates/story/story. php? storyId=121565792

Carbon Cycle: Methane Causes Vicious Cycle In Global Warming
http://www. npr. org/templates/story/story. php? storyId=122638800

and..while we did not focus on the sulfur cycle, this is a good story about the role of sulfur dioxide in our atmosphere:

Sulfur Cycle: With Lave, Volcano Spews Chemicals to Cool Earth
http://www. npr. org/2010/11/12/131276631/with-lava-volcano-spews-chemicals-to-cool-earth? sc=17&f=1007

unfortunately, sulfur dioxide combines with water to form acid rain too…more on this in the spring.

Via:pdsblogs. org

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