These are the notes on the different factors which can be responsible for raising or lowering the birth and death rate of a nation. If you have any questions regarding what is here, let me know!

Rate of Natural Increase = CBR – CDR/10 = AGR % (ignoring migration)

CBR/TFR/RF = Birth Factors:

Infant mortality rate (up) = Births (up)

Contraceptive availability (up) = Births (down)

Abortion (up) = Births (down)

Industrialization (up) = Births (down)

Value of child labor (down) = Births (down)

Cost of raising kids (up) = Births (down)

Women’s rights (up) = Births (down)

Average age of marriage (up) = Births (down)

Religion/culture/government = WILD CARD

CDR/IMR/LE = Death Factors:

Medicine advances (up) = Deaths (down)

Sanitation (up) = Deaths (down)

Conflict (up) = Deaths (up)

Epidemic (up) = Deaths (up)

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