If you enjoyed the TEDTalk by Hans Rosling, I wanted give a chance to learn more about his work.

First, here is yesterday’s video if you want to watch it again:

Second, if any of you are interested in more about the stats in the presentation go to Dr. Rosling’s web site:
http://www. gapminder. org/
Explore the links and the tutorial. You can study these demographic trends for yourself-you can test ideas in the book by building your own graphs (Gapminder World). Here is one I gave out in class:

Click to Enlarge

*Maybe you are in a global studies class and need research displayed in a very cool format?

Third, here is another 18-minute TEDTalk Hans Rosling gave in 2007 on myths about poverty:

What do you think of Dr. Rosling’s presentations?

Via:pdsblogs. org

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