Of course it is not as satisfying as when it comes on and cancels a school day, but it was beautiful snow for Christmas Day nonetheless. I was at my dad’s house in my hometown of Laurinburg, NC when the snow started falling, but could still see PDS covered in snow via our live cam (on my iPhone) on the weather station mounted on top of Overcash Hall:

The MAC covered in snow

Did you know we had a weather station? You might not unless you are in Mr. B’s Meterology class. You can access current conditions and the live cam on the internet or via the Weatherbug app for your phone (not just iPhone). Regardless, it is much more fun to be out enjoying the snow that looking at it through a cam. My kids and I enjoyed building Frosty at my dad’s house:

Snow fun

We had to get back to Charlotte in the snow, but were concerned about the road since temps were hovering around freezing the next day. Fortunately, the state Department of Transportation trucks had spread a brine (salt water) mixture on all the roads. We easily drove home. That’s a good thing for travelers and businesses, right? What could possibly be “bad” about that? Ever wonder about the environmental impact? Well, road salt and deicing compounds can definitely have a negative impact on ecosystems. Here is a nice piece on the toxicity of road salt (the chlorine in sodium chloride)–very fitting considering our upcoming unit on toxicity.

Enjoy the rest of your break-see you next year!

Via:pdsblogs. org

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