Reader and recent commenter Raedia just sent over details of her and her husband’s green home being built in Vermont.  They were able to secure an in-town lot and decided to design and build something that was affordable, sustainable, and stylish.  In looking at the images, I think they were able to do just that.  With a super-insulated structure and passive heating and cooling, the home uses less of the mechanical systems for temperature control. 

To further reduce the use of fossil fuel in powering the house, the owners installed a geothermal heat pump system and heat recovery ventilator (to keep the air filtered and fresh).  The contemporary home ended up with some of the following green features:

    2000 sf small footprintR40 walls, R50 roof, R20 slabRecycled denim insulationTriple glazed windowsDeep overhangs to block direct sunlightEnergy Star appliances throughoutOn-demand hot water heaterCFL or pin based fluorescent lightingNo-/low-VOC paints and finishes

Raedia and Ian’s home was design by Ian’s father and the landscaping will be done by Ian’s mother.  Between everyone in the family, they’ve sure found a way to build a cool green home. 

Thanks for sharing details of your fantastic home, Rae.  And by the way, that little dog is cool, too.


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