With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is a lot of pressure on North Americans to show their ‘love’ by participating in a consumer purchasing frenzy of roses, chocolates and lingerie. The fact that everyone knows it is a corporate constructed holiday does little to alleviate the feverish thoughts of normally intelligent individuals who believe they must pay homage to loved ones with a variety of unnecessary gifts.

Frankly, the environmentalists are no better. Sure, they are proposing products that are lighter on the planet – think organic, non-gmo, slave-free, shade grown, Fair Trade chocolate – tastier and with a smaller footprint.

Eco-flowers offer a wide variety of greener options - choose Fair Trade, unionized, non-pesticide, shade-grown, local flowers that don’t damage the environment where they are grown.

And how about eco-lingerie? Wouldn’t you rather see your loved one in sustainable, recycled (or repurposed, reclaimed, refashioned or upcycled…), organic, Fair Trade, handmade sexy lingerie?

But there is a third choice, little discussed, but so much better for the planet. What about the choice to stop consuming, to no longer participate in buying unnecessary items, whether they are sustainable or otherwise?

We are not anti-love here at GreenMuze, far from it in fact, but we are getting increasingly fatigued with the hypocrisy of promoting consumerism while calling ourselves green. Yes, we can make a difference with our consumer choices, vote with our dollars and all, but we can also send a stronger message by closing our bamboo or hemp wallets and abstaining from consuming. Period.

So this Valentine’s Day, show the planet some real love and buy nothing. Refuse to support a holiday that falsely promotes love while costing the Earth.

Valerie Williams is a writer living on Salt Spring Island, Canada. She is the editor of GreenMuze. com

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