What the hell was George Clooney thinking dumping this beautiful animal-loving Italian babe? Elisabetta Canalis, gorgeous Italian television personality and model, is the latest in a long line of beauties to go naked in protest against the barbaric fur industry.

“I decided to go nude because I think that nudity always creates a big reaction," she explains. "That is what is required to keep people's attention on such a brutal practice. These poor animals are electrocuted, skinned alive, drowned, and bludgeoned just for the sake of fashion."

Unfortunately, even though people are well aware of the brutality involved in the fur trade, they continue to use the products regardless of the suffering involved in the manufacturing of fur.

Elisabetta Canalis hopes this will change and is doing her part to help raise awareness about the ugly side of the fashion industry.

“Don't buy fur," Canalis urges. "Even a little trim—your gloves or your bag or your jackets …. You must remember that animals don't have a voice. You must be their voice. Never be afraid to speak up."

Visit: http://www. elisabettacanalis. it


*Unfortunately, you will have to log in and verify your age to watch the video on the PETA and/or Youtube website.

Via:www.greenmuze. соm

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