After years of North Americans being subjected to endless stories and information about Oprah Winfrey’s endless battle with weight issues, she is finally getting to the heart of the collective eating disorder in North America. America is a country that consumes more meat than any other nation on earth and practices some of the cruelest factory farming methods on the planet. The American talk show host with the most influence (an estimated 10 million viewers), is looking at the ugly reality of meat production and factory farming in the USA.

Airing today (October 14th) at 4pm, the Oprah Winfrey Show is taking an in-depth look at the lives of caged factory farm animals in How We Treat Animals We Eat. Their website offers the following tease for the program, ‘Have you ever wondered what "cage-free" or "range-free" really means? Lisa Ling gets a rare look inside some of America's farms.’ Their program will contrast factory farming with organic farming methods. The program is rated PG.

Grist Magazine reports, ‘This is potentially massive news for the sustainable-food movement. The talk-show queen's opinions move mountains; people have been wondering for years when she would train serious attention on the food system. Today's show reportedly discusses…California's Proposition 2, which would improve some of the more egregious conditions faced by factory-raised chickens.’

Currently the Oprah Winfrey Show is broadcast in more than 141 countries worldwide.

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