He may not be Al Gore, but he is managing to mobilize a nation. One of Canada’s favorite television personalities, CBC The Hour’s host, George Stroumboulopoulos, in partnership with Cisco, is encouraging Canadians to do One Million Acts of Green (OMAoG). The idea behind the campaign is that one small act can make a big green difference.

The massive, nation-wide campaign is encouraging small eco-acts from Canadians (although revolutionary climate change leadership from the Canadian Prime Minister might be more effective..) with the goal of changing how we live and how we treat the planet – one green act at a time. Do little things add up to larger acts? Can little green acts really make a significant difference? The OMAoG campaign believes they can and the following explains how:

It’s not about overhauling your life; it’s about one act from each individual amassing to a million. It can be as simple as switching to compact fluorescent lightbulbs, starting a recycling program, or walking to work. You can do one act – or you can do all one million! It’s up to you! Young and old, parents and kids, small towns and big cities, One Million Acts of Green wants to create an exciting grassroots initiative. All you have to do is go to this website and register one act – or more. One Million Acts of Green's calculator, designed by GreenNexxus, will determine the impact of those acts on the environment.

Since the campaign launched, already more than 200,000 acts of green (more than 11,146,784 kg of greenhouse gases saved) have been registered at the website. Green acts range from installing a programmable thermostat, joining a car co-op, reducing engine idling, writing a politician, eating a vegetarian meal, to sending your old car to car heaven.

Visit the website to register your green acts: http://green. cbc. ca/

Via:www.greenmuze. соm

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