The hottest eco-ticket in Hollywood takes place on November 13th (Thursday) when the 18th annual Environmental Media Awards (EMA) honours those eco-warriors who are setting a green example and making a difference. Since the EMAs started in 1991, the awards have evolved into a prestigious event, honouring individuals and organizations, as well as films, and television productions that increase public awareness of environmental issues.

The awards recognize writers, producers, directors, actors, musicians and others in the entertainment industry that actively express their concern for the environment through their work. Awards are given in the categories of Feature Film, Television Episodic Comedy, Television Episodic Drama, Reality Primetime Program, Children's Animated Program, Children's Live Action TV Program and Documentary.

This year actress/producer Rosario Dawson, jeweller Tiffany & Co., and the Philadelphia Eagles will be honoured at the EMA Awards reception at the Ebell Theatre and Club in Los Angeles.

Although environmental consciousness is at an all-time high, this year’s honourees proved there are innovative ways to make the earth a priority,” said EMA President Debbie Levin. “We hold the actions of Rosario, Tiffany and the Philadelphia Eagles in the highest regard.”

The November 13th event will also showcase the film and television programs that have carried a positive, environmentally friendly message in the past season. Nominees include feature films Baby Mama, Into The Wild and The Simpsons Movie; and television series 30 Rock, Scrubs and Everybody Hates Chris.

For a full list of EMA Award nominees visit: www. ema-online. org

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