Leonardo DiCaprio is being honored for his contribution to spreading the green message with the International Green Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. The award is given each year to the recipient who draws attention to green issues and raises the public consciousness about the environment.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a long-time advocate of all things green. His website, www. leonardodicaprio. com and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, started in 1988, have been catalysts for environmental change. His eco-website includes everything from information on global warming, oil dependency, biodiversity, ocean health, sustainability, etc. Leonardo DiCaprio also wrote and directed the two short films Global Warming and Water Planet.

His most recent eco-project was to write and produce The 11th Hour, a feature documentary following in the footsteps of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. The 11th Hour explores how the planet has been pushed to the very edge and what is needed to save it. World-renowned scientists and environmentalists featured in the film include Wade Davis, David Suzuki, Paul Hawken, William McDonough and Mikhail Gorbachev.

The award, considered to be similar to a "Green Oscar" or "Green Golden Globe", comes with a $250,000 prize for an environmental foundation or film project.

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