In amongst all the green noise is a new website that is focusing on simple acts instead of radical changes. Elizabeth Rogers, author of The Green Book, and creator of the Shift Your Habit website, is showing people how simple changes in your lifestyle can add up to big changes for the planet and the wallet. We caught up with Elizabeth to ask a few questions about her super cool new website.

Tell us a bit about Shift Your Habit.

Shift Your Habit is a lifestyle company that focuses on raising awareness of simple environmental behaviors that speak to what's really on peoples' minds: their money and their time.

I started Shift Your Habit because I’ve come to believe that until now, the environment has been associated with something that was outside of one's reach. For so long it has been presented in a way that is so broad and almost overwhelming that it became almost not relatable to our everyday world. My goal is to help people understand that simple shifts of habit they can make in their daily lives can have a positive impact on the planet, while also entailing personal gain, specifically regarding their time and money.

What are your hopes for Shift Your Habit?

The hopes for Shift Your Habit is that it will motivate and empower people to use the shifts as a guide to making a difference in their homes, workplaces and communities with respect to resource use, purchasing practices, and waste generation. Moreover, we hope to contribute to the overall change in perception about supporting the environment, showing people that it isn't beyond their reach. We want to spread the word that it can be simple and mutually beneficial to your household, your wallet and the planet.

In this day and age we are living in a media-driven society, and specifically one that focuses on celebrities. I believe celebrities are great eco-role models because they have the ability to reach a large audience.
—Elizabeth Rogers

What is the Truth or Trash feature?

"Truth or Trash" is a feature on our website that will help readers navigate through all the green noise and green washing that dominate popular media and marketing. It dispels some far-reaching green myths that are out there and allow readers to make sound decisions based on what's true versus what's false. Our Shift Your Habit experts will do the research so that you don't have to.

The Daily Shift feature?

Our Daily Shifts are user-friendly tips that allow everyone to make shifts at their own pace without compromising their principles. The added bonus, you will not only benefit the planet but there is a monetary value (and time saving when applicable) attached to each tip. And we aren't vague about what the benefits of each shift can be, we spell it out in dollars and cents for you, and in specific ways how it will positively affect you personally and the planet.

For example, we estimated that by using a refillable water bottle instead of buying throwaway ones, an individual can save $250 per year. A household that weather-strips and caulks cracks in doors and windows can save $70 per year on cooling and heating bills. And a group of coworkers or classmates that carpool together twice a week can each save up to $130 or more per year in fuel costs.

Do you believe little things can add up to big changes?

Absolutely! That is the exact premise that led to the creation of Shift Your Habit. There are hundreds of small things that families, individuals, corporations and schools can do to significantly reduce costs while simultaneously lessening their environmental impact. And these actions are not at all difficult. What's missing is information about the bottom line, and the means to spread this message in a way that does not overwhelm, but encourages and excites people.

Did you know that an individual that switches from buying disposable bottles of water to using a refillable bottle or canteen can save $250 per year or more and decrease the waste they generate by 15 pounds annually? Now imagine if everyone in the world shifted this one habit.

How do small green changes make the eco-movement more accessible?

For so long helping the environment has been presented as an all-consuming and almost daunting task. Not everyone is ready to completely turn their lifestyle over to that of a green one. People assumed that unless they went "all the way," then there was nothing they can do. It certainly doesn’t mean moving into a yurt or reverting to the Stone Age.

Making a lifestyle change is not easy, but making small shifts in a daily routine is. Showing people that by making simple changes that will not affect or disrupt their daily life really can help the environment, it then becomes both an encouraging and simple way to ease into a greener lifestyle. We also like to emphasize that their own bottom line of time and money also benefits from these simple shifts.

Who are the Shifters?

The Shifter Section includes celebrities, athletes, authors, business leaders and other pop culture icons that are shifting their personal habits. Everyone who begins to shift and save is a Shifter. However, the feature on the site is geared towards influencers in the above genres as we hope to leverage their reach and influence to spread the word about shifting. In the future the site will be including all Shifters who are open to sharing how they are shifting personal habits

How do celebrities serve as good eco-role models?

In this day and age we are living in a media-driven society, and specifically one that focuses on celebrities. I believe celebrities are great eco-role models because they have the ability to reach a large audience. When they make changes in their daily routine it’s great to highlight it for all to see. Besides, the more we can entertain while we learn and see change the better.

Sometimes it seems strange to get eco-advice from celebrities when their carbon footprint is so large with flights, cars, travel, etc. What are your thoughts on this?

My thoughts stay true throughout the site for anyone, celebrity or not: if everyone shifts their own personal habits in a way that works for their world and their life then we can all benefit from it. After all, we can't live without consuming, but we can be smarter about how we consume. And we can do so in a way that leaves a smaller footprint on the planet, and a smaller dent in our wallets.

Anything you would like to add?

Yes! I'd love for everyone who reads this to go home and try one simple shift. Lower your thermostat by just a few degrees. Use a sweater or grab an extra blanket instead, and you can save up to $15 or more each year on your home energy bill. And you will have bragging rights among your friends that you have reduced your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

If every U. S. household with central heating made this shift and saved just 1 percent off their heating energy consumption this year, together we’d save the greenhouse gas equivalent of taking 275,000 cars off the road. Now that is impressive - and is the result of one simple shift.

Visit: http://shiftyourhabit. com/

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