The future of inner city traffic could belong to three wheeled vehicles, explains Swiss designer Daniel Julier of his 3wheeler concept design vehicle. Considering that most vehicles used for individual transport are occupied by just one person in urban areas, Julier’s 3wheeler design is a perfect vehicle for city driving.

The 3wheeler is a 1+1 seat concept. In addition to the driver’s seat there is a collapsible seat to accommodate a passenger when needed. If there is only one person in the vehicle the seat is folded down and the space is usable as a trunk area.

Julier’s project aim was to find a way to raise the image of three wheeled vehicle design, making it interesting and attractive to urban dwellers.

“Sportiness and elegance was the expression I was aiming for and to make it appealing to young professionals and their daily need of individual mobility,” he explains.

The 3wheeler concept would be powered by hydrogen fuel cells and driven by an in-wheel motor built into the rear wheel. Fuel cells and hydrogen tank are located under the hood. The open glass canopy is meant to give great all-round visibility and a sense of ‘flying’ rather than driving.

Via: Coroflot

Via:www.greenmuze. соm

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