The pace of electric vehicle development is increasing with Toyota planning to produce up to 30,000 Prius plug-ins by 2012. The Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) will have a 12.4-18.7mile (20-30 km) all electric range using a lithium ion battery pack. The range is limited because Toyota wanted to maintain the load carrying capacity of the Prius and not let the battery module get too big. The price is likely to be several thousand dollars more than a regular Prius due to the cost of the battery and recovery of research and development costs.

Other new all-electric vehicles, such as the Mitsubishi Miev will cost around 48,000US$ for the initial vehicles but will be emissions-free while driving, but the electric from the grid might still be high carbon content if the power comes from coal-fired power stations.

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In Europe, VW is planning on an electric vehicle by 2013 based on its Up! New Small Family concept and may be produced with BYD of China and Toshiba Japan who will make the electric powered drive train.

For more information on the trend in green vehicles check out World Green Car Finalists. The Honda FCX Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle was chosen as the ultimate 2009 World Green Car.

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