The ATNMBL (Autonomy with the Automobile) is a concept design vehicle for 2040 that represents the end of driving and the future of car design. Mike and Maaike, an American industrial design studio, have created the driverless ATNMBL automobile for urban driving.

The futuristic car has no steering wheel, brake pedal or driver’s seat, instead when passengers enter the automobile; they are asked where they would like to go. Using a combination of GPS, sophisticated sensors, and navigation databases, the ATNMBL take passengers to their destinations using the same roads we use today.

The ATNMBL is designed to accommodate up to seven passengers and operates in a manner similar to a driver-less taxi or a mini rendition of a train. Inside the vehicle are comfortable couches, seats and tables for passengers to rest or work while they travel. The ATNMBL eliminates the necessity of individual drivers in urban areas and allows people to have additional time to rest, relax or work during time that used to be devoted to driving to and from destinations.

Although manufactured to travel at speeds up to 120 mph, the ATNMBL is primarily designed for urban driving.

“It's inevitable that technology will eventually allow cars to outperform their former drivers,” explains the designers. “Just imagine the potential in efficiency, time management and social networks and the breakdown of age and disability discrimination—we will save hours each day by reclaiming our commute time.”

Visit: http://www. mikeandmaaike. com/atnmbl. html

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