Nissan has revealed its first zero-emissions electric car – the Leaf. The Leaf is touted to perform like a V6 while having enough room to seat five. The Leaf has zero tailpipe emissions, is 100% electric and can travel at speeds up to 90mph (145kph).

The zero emissions tagline is always a bit of a misnomer as emissions and a carbon footprint will be generated via the battery charging source, especially if the state or province uses coal or gas-fired power stations. However any electric vehicle can be charged with renewable green energy if available.

The Nissan Leaf is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a laminated design that gives a higher power density and low weight compared to existing lithium ion batteries, and it provides a 100 miles (161km) of driving on a single charge.

It is not decided yet if the battery can be leased instead of bought which means the battery could be swapped out for better versions as technology develops. Nissan, in partnership with Renault (France) and Project Better Place, is putting in recharging stations in various world locations (Israel, Denmark, Hawaii, Ontario, Oregon, California, and others).

Currently the Nissan Leaf is scheduled for release in the USA only in 2010, starting with California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Tennessee and North Carolina. Price has yet to be fully determined.

Visit: http://www. nissanusa. com/leaf-electric-car/

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