The new, extended range plug-in electric hybrid Chevy Volt, scheduled to start production 2010, is going to get a whooping 230mpg (97.4kms/liter). General Motors's new hybrid vehicle claims are raising more than a few eyebrows in the automotive world.

As the vehicle will not be initially powered by gas, and General Motors expects people to use the electrical grid to charge and power the Volt, it isn’t accurate to suggest the vehicle will get 230mpg. Miles per charge would be a more accurate way to calculate the equivalent mileage, and the Volt is estimated to have a 25kWh (kilowatt hour)/100 miles (160kms) equivalence.

"From the data we've seen, many Chevy Volt drivers may be able to be in pure electric mode on a daily basis without having to use any gas," said GM Chief Executive Officer Fritz Henderson. “The key to high-mileage performance is for a Volt driver to plug into the electric grid at least once each day.”

The Volt is expected to travel up to 40 miles (64kms) on electricity from a single battery charge, stored in its 16kWh lithium ion battery and be able to extend its overall range to more than 300 miles (480kms) with its flex fuel-powered engine-generator. This flex-fuel engine recharges the battery and electrical drive train after the battery discharges to a preset value.

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