The I+Solo is an ultralight, aerodynamic Hungarian hybrid electric 3 seater vehicle from the Antro Group. Weighing only 350kg (772lbs), with a drag coefficient near 0.22, the expected fuel consumption is less than 1.8litres/100km (55.6kms/liter or 130.6mpg) with a 140kph (87mph) top speed.

The I+Solo is designed to run on a diesel engine burning vegetable oil and ethanol, with a version that includes pedals for passengers to give a boost when needed or desired. Solar cells are included on the roofline to recharge the batteries on sunny days. The high-tech design continues with a drive-by-wire control system, four wheel mounted electric motors, carbon fiber composite and magnesium alloy frame and body.

Overall CO2 emissions are estimated at 45g-65g/km (0.16lb-0.23lb/mile). The price tag is €12,000 - €14,000 (17,200US$ - 20,050US$).

Serial production is planned for 2012-13 for the I+Solo. The I+Duo, a six seat version that can be constructed by putting two I+Solos together back-to-back in less than 10 minutes, allows families to convert an I+Duo into two I+Solos and use them as two vehicles when needed.

The Antro Group aims to develop new car and vehicle alternatives, inspire community cooperation, apply innovative materials and technologies, and create a variable vehicle family.

Visit: www. solo-duo. hu

Via:www.greenmuze. соm

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