Now you can be your own remote sensing platform on the cheap - in 3D!  Microsoft’s Photosynth application (installs in your browser) allows anyone to combine pictures taken from any angle from the ground or kite, balloon or radio-controlled airplane - what have you - and make a geometrically-corrected aerial view or 3D virtual world.  Just upload your photos!  The technology is based on work by Noah Snavely (now at Cornell)- unleashing a magnificent new force on the remote sensing scene - the plain old digital camera!

First Google Earth and now this!  It makes me wonder whether we humans are now ready to view the world globally from a human perspective…

Here are some great examples of Photosynth aerials: http://blogs. msdn. com/photosynth/archive/2009/03/06/it-s-a-bird-it-s-a-plane-it-s-photosynth. aspx

(beat you to the blog post Jonathan!)

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