At West Coast Green in San Francisco last week, U. S. EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response Assistant Administrator Susan Bodine announced winners of the first inaugural Lifecycle Building Challenge competition.  Winners were recognized for their cutting-edge green building ideas that aim to reduce environmental and energy impacts of buildings.  Ideas from the design contest will jumpstart the building industry to help reuse more of the 100 million tons of building-related construction and demolition debris sent each year to landfills in the U. S.  The winners are listed below:

    Sustainability by Design, Professional Unbuilt, People’s Choice AwardPavilion in the Park, Professional Built, BuildingsGreenMobile, Professional Unbuilt, BuildingsgroHome, Student, BuildingsDemountable Tape, Profesional Built, ComponentsDeconstructable & Reusable Composite Slab, Professional Unbuilt, ComponentsGuidelines for Building with Reusable Materials, Student, ComponentsATHENA Assembly Evaluation Tool, Professional Built, ServicesDeconstruction Engineer, Student, Services

Congratulations to all the winners, honorable mentions, and participants.


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