What You Need To Know About Cellphone EMF Protection

What You Need To Know About Cellphone EMF Protection

The WaveShield seems to be a material science innovation and one of the best cellphone emf protection on the market. This innovation was granted a US Patent 6369399B for “Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material and Device.” Cellphone radiation is at its peak when the phone is used or has low signal quality.

The proprietary WaveShield material, with its nano bands construction, is designed to become “excited” when subjected to cellphone radiation. When the nano ring starts to shake, it emits very low natural frequencies that are identical to the vibrations of our biological cells. Such low organic frequency controls the EMF of the telephone and offers radiation protection against unnecessary negative impacts.

The Working Of WaveShield

The WaveShield is best defined as a significant discovery in materials engineering, a phone barrier designed to protect users from electromagnetic fields (EMF). The material used in WaveShield is a nylon hybrid, which is a fractal matrix formed of nano-circles or rings. When the cellphone EMF is at its peak, these are tuned to become “excited” or “irritated” while speaking on your phone. This is also true for WaveRider. The calibration causes oscillations that emit a set of frequencies comparable to the body’s bio frequencies. Different wavelengths modify or ‘piggyback’ on EMF radiation as a form of protection. The damaging effects of EMF are neutralised when the body can absorb modified EMF wavelengths because the movement of nano rings produces a resonance effect with the healthy cells.